Boss Monster has a huge final day

During the last 31 days, Boss Monster has grown from two brothers’ dream project into a Kickstarter hit. With 4,689 backers and over $215,056 raised, Boss Monster is officially the #6 tabletop game of all time on Kickstarter, and the #1 card game. As a project that started with no pedigree and minimal marketing, it’s clear that something about the retro theme and playful pixel art just clicked with gamers. But it’s also a huge testament to the game’s passionate and supportive community of backers, who liked and posted and tweeted tirelessly to spread the word about this project.

The Kickstarter page freezes as soon as a project concludes, so we’re posting our final tally of stretch goals right here:

In the weeks and months to come, expect to see some new here at, as well as occasional updates at our Kickstarter page and on Facebook. For now, we have to shift our attention from promotion and community management so we can handle the thousand details that come with sending our files to print, reviewing samples, planning for fulfillment, and paying our vendors. It’s not as fun as designing games or replying to comments from our community, but it’s crucial to ensure we can deliver a quality game in Q1 2013.

For those of you who just missed the campaign, never fear: we’ll be setting up an online store to take pre-orders this week, at the final suggested retail price of $25. We’ll also be updating our website with backer forums, timed to go live in time for discussion once Super-Speed and Unlimited Lives backers receive their prototype copies in December.

To everyone who brought us to this point, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The year ahead will be a big one for Brotherwise Games, and all of you will be right at the heart of what we’re doing. Stay tuned, because there’s a lot to look forward to!

Boss Monster crosses the $100,000 mark!

Yesterday, Boss Monster hit its biggest milestone yet by achieving $100,000 in funding! For two brothers who started out with a $12,000 goal, hitting six figures was beyond our wildest dreams. We’re thrilled, humbled, and totally thankful to our amazing community of backers.

Part of what makes Kickstarter exciting is the phenomenon of “stretch goals” — product enhancements that a project unlocks when it hits various funding levels. Here at Brotherwise we had some stretch goals in mind, but never expected to move through them so quickly! Here’s what we’ve unlocked so far!

We don’t have an illustration for the NEW BOSSES stretch reward yet, because the custom card art will not be completed until the close of the campaign. Similarly, there’s no way to depict the improvement we unlocked with the PREMIUM PRINTING level other than to compare a Magic: the Gathering card to a Munchkin card. But check out some visuals of the other rewards!

At $40,000 we committed to developing A FULL EXPANSION for Boss Monster in 2013. It will have at least 150 cards, it will be called Crash Landing, and it will bring a whole new set of sci-fi-themed Monsters, Traps and Bosses. Here’s an under-construction look at the logo:

That doesn’t mean current backers will get Crash Landing for free (look to our $150 “Unlimited Lives” pledge level for that), but it does mean everyone who is registered as a Brotherwise Games Playtester (backers at the $40 “Extra Life” pledge level and above) will get an advance print-and-play copy of the expansion. This is in addition to the physical playtest copy that Extra Life backers will get of our 25-card mini-expansion, Tools of Hero-Kind.

When we hit $80K, we unlocked a very special upgrade to our packaging. The awesome, retro-style black box will still be there, but Kickstarter backers will get a totally exclusive GOLD EDITION sleeve for the box to show that they are the game’s original patrons.

For the all-important $100K stretch reward, we held a vote to determine the outcome: holofoil cards or arcade-style “level-up” tokens. In the end, backers decided they wanted the collectible coins, which have real gameplay value as markers to show when your Boss has used its once-per-game Level Up ability. They’ll be one-inch metal coins stamped with the Boss Monster logo and the Boss Icon, and we think they’re pretty cool.

With $130K up next — and looking very achievable — we have created and playtested some all-new cards to reward our backers. Each one had a bit of a story, which you can read about in our Boss Monster Kickstarter update announcing the coins.

We’d like to give a special shout-out to our friends at Pixel Lincoln. We have looked up to them as a successful Kickstarter game project with similar themes and a shared commitment to awesomeness, but we were a little nervous when designer got his hands on a review copy of Boss Monster. The good news is that he liked it so much he asked us to put Lincoln himself in the game! We were honored to comply.

Thanks again to all of you who are making this possible, and if you’re new to Boss Monster, don’t hesitate to pledge today to help us unlock even more stretch goals!