Introducing Boss Monster Revised

Same game, better qualityFrom the day Boss Monster hit store shelves last July, it’s been a wild ride. Every time we received a shipment of Boss Monster from our factory, it sold out within a week or two. Whenever we manufactured more units, we thought we were pushing our luck with the quantities we ordered, but orders from our distributors kept increasing. Because our manufacturing partner was based in China, this often left us out of stock for weeks at a time as new units were produced and shipped overseas.

While we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t cool to see that much enthusiasm for our game, we were kicking ourselves every time we went a month without new units in stock. So this year we made a big decision to shift our production to the United States. Our new production partner is Cartamundi USA, the company famous for printing the original editions of Magic: the Gathering. We spent the 90’s playing with their cards, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to take over Boss Monster.

With a new production run, we knew it was time for a new edition, and we’re calling this one Revised Edition. For anyone who already has Boss Monster, the Revised Edition won’t introduce any new cards or anything that would make you need to purchase it again. (Nor does it include Anererak, a Boss card that appeared in Alpha as a bonus for early adopters.)

So what’s new about Revised?

  • We edited the rulebook to make it clearer, more consistent, and slightly shorter.
  • We added a new Quick Start Guide that condenses the key rules of Boss Monster onto one (double-sided) page.
  • Card ability text is a little bigger and easier to read from across a game table.
  • We’ve switched from the slightly thicker, glossier cards of Alpha edition to a high-quality matte finish that’s easier to shuffle and less prone to deterioration.

There’s nothing mind-blowing in that list, but we think all of these changes will make Boss Monster easier for people to pick up and play. At the end of the day, a game’s success comes down to how many people are willing to try it, and we think these improvements will make the game even more approachable.

The rulebook has been updated to remove any inconsistencies with our Advanced Rules Guide, but the actual game rules have not changed. Even card text remained largely intact, with only one or two minor tweaks like this one:


We were tempted to adjust a couple of cards – we’re looking at you, Crushinator – but decided not to do anything that would “invalidate” the earlier edition. If you want new cards, you’ll have to stick to our Tools of Hero-Kind mini-expansion or wait for the set we’re currently developing.

To any new fans out there, Revised will give you the best rulebook and highest-quality cards we’ve done. To existing fans, there’s no need to “upgrade” your current set. And to both groups, stay tuned to our Facebook page, because we’ll have much bigger news in the future as we continue work on our next major expansion!

Boss Monster: Revised Edition