Boss Monster 2: The Next Level


Now you’re slaying with power! The hit Dungeon-Building Card Game is back and badder than ever.

It’s time to take your dungeon to The Next Level! Return to the videogame-inspired world of Arcadia in Boss Monster 2.  This all-new 160-card set plays as a standalone game or as an expansion to the best-selling original card game.

  • Become one of twelve new Bosses
  • Build powerful new Trap and Monster rooms
  • Cast Epic Spells
  • Face new challenges, including Hybrid Heroes and Dark Heroes

Just like the original, Boss Monster 2 is designed for players of all skill levels. This set includes everything 2-4 players need for countless hours of dungeon-building fun. Combine it with the original Boss Monster and the possibilities are endless!

Boss Monster 2 will be available at game stores across North America. If you are a retailer interested in carrying Boss Monster, you can order it from over 20 distributors including Alliance, ACD, Everest, GTS, Southern Hobby, PHD, Universal, Aladdin, Mad Al, Lion Rampant (Canada) and Esdevium Games (UK)!

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Thanks for your interest in Boss Monster, and happy hero hunting!