Boss Monster Community Playtest

Calling all playtesters! At Brotherwise Games, we’re always designing new cards. We currently have 21 new cards in development that are ready for community playtesting, and anyone is welcome to give them a try! The cards are available in this print-and-playtest PDF:

print-and-playtest-kitRight-Click to Download the Print-and-Playtest PDF

Some of these new will appear in the Collector Box coming this Fall, while others will appear as Kickstarter exclusives or retailer incentives. They’ll eventually be available to all Boss Monster fans, but right now this playtest is the only way to experience them.

Once you’ve had a chance to play with the new cards, please be sure to give us feedback! Just use the following form. It’s a quick, one-page Google form that should take 5 minutes to complete:

Community Playtest Feedback Form

Thank you for being a part of the Boss Monster community and helping us keep the game growing! If you have any questions about the playtest or would like to contact us directly, you can always reach us at