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An Interview with Unearth’s Designers Matthew Ransom and Jason Harner Unearth represents the combined efforts of many, many people. This week, we’d like to shine the spotlight on the game’s designers: Matthew Ransom and Jason Harner. They’re the true creators of Unearth, and we at Brotherwise have been honored to work with them over the […]


Unearth Pre-Order Campaign is Live!

This is a big weekend for Brotherwise Games. Not only are we live at Origins, not only are we selling Implements of Destruction for the first time at the show, but we’ve also launched our one-month pre-order campaign for Unearth! It’s a lot to have going on, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our New […]

Going to the Next Level

Ever since we released The Next Level (also known as Boss Monster 2) we’ve had players asking for advice on how to combine it with their other Boss Monster cards. Our response has always been to encourage players to explore and experiment, but we know some people are looking for more concrete direction. Once you’ve […]

Boss Monster featured at Barnes & Noble Gaming Meet Up

Barnes & Noble, which launched its Tabletop Gaming Meet Up in April (see “Barnes & Noble Expands Game Events to All 640 Stores”), is hosting another event on October 15, starting at 7 PM.  And Boss Monster will be one of the games featured!   Barnes & Noble is a terrific venue for non-gamers to […]