Boss Monster Rules

Instruction Booklet

If you want to learn how to play Boss Monster, the first place to start is with the official rulebook! Here it is, reformatted for easy printing and updated with the latest rules clarifications:

instructionsRight-Click to Download Rules PDF

Video Rules

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this gameplay video by Boss Monster’s lead designer:

Or for a more detailed approach, check out this fan-made video version of our rulebook:

Advanced Rules and FAQs

If you’ve played a few games of Boss Monster but still have questions about the rules, you’re in luck! The Advanced Rules Guide includes some general clarifications, a detailed Sequence of Play, and FAQs for nearly every card in the game …updated to include Tools of Hero-Kind and Boss Monster 2!

advanced_rules_guideRight-Click to Download Advanced Rules & FAQs

If you have any rules questions not answered here, visit our official Facebook page and post a question!