Boss Monster draws a crowd at Indiecade

This weekend, Brotherwise Games gave an unannounced sneak peek of our new card game Boss Monster at Indiecade, the International Festival of Independent Games in Culver City, California. We headed to Indiecade with a handmade prototype deck of cards, just hoping to meet a few potential Kickstarter supporters and get a sense of gamers’ enthusiasm level for the concept. By the end of the day, we had conducted hours of demos and answered questions from dozens of festival attendees. We were blown away by people’s response to the game!

The day got off to a low-key start, though that didn’t last long. After we set up at a table graciously shared by the designer of Who Took the Apple?, we did our best to lure some folks into simple two-player games.

Two-Player Game

Johnny O’Neal plays with a new Boss Monster player

R.O.B. observes a game

R.O.B. served as our unofficial mascot for the day

Before long, we moved into 3- and 4-player games so more people could join in the fun. While Boss Monster has been thoroughly playtested, so far everyone associated with the game has been at least a friend of a friend. So it was truly gratifying to have total strangers (including a number of fellow game designers) having a blast with the game!

A crowd of three

Johnny leads a three-player game as spectators look on

So Analog Johnny

Johnny wore a So Analog T-shirt by Squid Kids Ink, makers of the awesome 10-Doh designer toys that will be a part of our our Kickstarter rewards

By the end of the day, players were teaching each other the rules, and Johnny was able to step back and focus on answering questions. Boss Monster strives to strike a balance between intuitive gameplay and strategic depth, so it was great to see that people found it accessible and quick to learn!

A crowded table

Some players step up to bat, while others watch and learn how to play

These are just pictures from portions of the day, but throughout our time at Indiecade we were thrilled to be drawing a crowd. The entire tabletop gaming section there is top-notch, so we were honored to be one of the busiest spots in our section of the festival.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play! This event was unscheduled and under the radar, but we have more events in store for LA-area gamers. Stay tuned to and for more details!