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Craft Your Hero. Choose Your Path. Claim Your Destiny!

Call to Adventure is a tabletop game in which players compete to craft the hero with the greatest destiny. Play cards to build your character, cast runes to face challenges, and choose whether to follow a path of heroism or villainy. The core game mode is a 2-4 player competitive game, but Call to Adventure can also be played solo or cooperatively!

Call to Adventure was created by Brotherwise Games, designers of the hit game Boss Monster. Our goal: design a game based on character-driven fantasy novels and RPGs… an experience that could “gamify” the process of dreaming up a D&D character’s backstory. In Call to Adventure, facing a childhood rival or meeting your true love can be as important as slaying a dragon.

As huge fans of fantasy storytelling, we're thrilled to announce collaborations with two New York Times bestselling authors, Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson. The very first expansion to the game -- available as a pledge level within this campaign -- will be set in the world of Rothfuss's The Name of the WindWe will also be releasing an expansion based on the epic Stormlight Archive.

Whether you play in these fantasy worlds or create your own, Call to Adventure is a chance to create your own epic journey. Choose your path. Cast the runes. Achieve your destiny. Heed the...

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The base game includes everything that 1-4 players need for endless hours of hero crafting. Premium components, including over 150 tarot-sized cards with beautiful concept art illustrations, bring the game to life.

  • 45 Character Cards

  • 92 Story Cards

  • 44 Hero and Antihero Cards

  • 11 Adversary Quests

  • 4 Player Mats

  • 24 Custom Acrylic Runes

  • 40 Experience Tokens

  • Full-Color Rulebook

The Brotherwise Games store also includes accessories to enhance your Call to Adventure experience:

  • Deluxe neoprene playmat

  • Custom card sleeves

Future expansions will introduce new cards and new mechanics to ensure you always have a new story to tell!

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Call to Adventure is a game about choices. Do you begin as a Peasant or a Noble? Do you train your Strength or seek out Wisdom? Do you follow the path of a Hero or Antihero? Will your backstory ultimately be tragic or triumphant?

On every step of your hero's journey, you'll have to choose between immediate rewards and long-term potential. Do you push your luck and face a daunting Challenge now, or build your Abilities until you're truly ready?

It all starts with the first cards you'll see in the game: your Origin, Motivation, and Destiny:

Origin Motivation Destiny.png

Each player is dealt two of each card type, giving you the chance to begin crafting your hero right away. The three cards you choose become your hero's Story, and most other cards you gain will be tucked under these initial Story cards. By the end of the game, after your hero has faced a host of challenges, your Story could look something like this:

Origin Motivation Destiny 2.png

Unlike a standard die-roller, Call to Adventure relies on Runes to see if the fates are smiling on your efforts. The three core runes can be used for all challenges. You can also add any relevant Ability runes you've gained, and can choose whether to risk Corruption by casting dark runes.

Every icon visible in your Story is important. They reflect your heroic capabilities and contribute to your final Destiny score: