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The hit dice placement game Unearth is back with The Lost Tribe, a 3-in-1 expansion that builds on the original in every way!

Unearth introduced players to the Delvers, a mysterious race of miners and prospectors seeking to restore the glory of their lost civilization.

The next chapter of Unearth focuses on the Lost Tribe of Delvers. Mentioned only in tales and whispers, they were said to have accidentally unleashed the Darkness that ruined the Delvers’ world. Only rumors of their existence have survived.

Now the Darkness is returning, and the Lost Tribe has emerged from their hidden canyon retreats to lead the fight once more...


This value-packed 3-in-1 expansion includes:

  • Enhancements to the core 2-4 player game: New wonders, new Delver cards, and all-new colorless stones dramatically change the Unearth base game.

  • Expanded 5 player mode: New Canyon ruins and a new set of Delver dice allow you to expand your game to a fifth player.

  • Solo play: A challenging solo campaign, Against the Darkness, pits a single player against an ever growing Darkness. Unique rules and seven different scenarios provide continued replayability.

The Lost Tribe includes 60 new cards, 35 new tokens, a full-color rulebook, and a plastic Delvers miniature.

Unearth parts layout.jpg

Unearth: The Lost Tribe will be available at game retailers across North America on September 12!